Holly Kretschmer, Registered Psychotherapist

My approach is client centred and emotion focused.

I work primarily with adolescents and adults in a safe and caring environment.  In session, I will:

  • Support you in releasing held feelings and tension which often brings on depression and anxiety
  • Support you in moving toward real and lasting change
  • Support you in being yourself
  • Support you in discovering what your history and experience means to you so that you are no longer being unconsciously driven
  • Support you in understanding how your life experiences have influenced who you are today
  • Support you in gaining clarity and insight about your experience and what it means to you in the present
  • Support you in identifying your feelings and triggers
  • Support you in identifying unwanted patterns of behaviour and getting to the root cause
  • Support you in staying with your feelings and triggers in order to move through them toward healing and integration

Why we go for therapy:

There are many specific reasons an individual seeks therapy. However, most people seek therapy because:

  • They are suffering with emotional pain
  • To get relief from their pain and heal
  • To take the mystery out of their pain and make sense of what is happening to them
  • To learn what they need in order to move from pain to freedom and clarity
  • To achieve real and lasting change
  • To experience relief from defense and coping mechanisms that keeps us stuck in pain

How long will treatment take?

The length of treatment varies depending on the needs and circumstances of the individual. As you begin to express feelings that you have been holding onto to for a long time, doing so can often bring about an immediate sense of relief. However, treatment takes varying lengths of time to work through what is necessary in order to experience real and lasting change. It is possible, even with limited treatment that you can move in the direction of greater emotional health through experiencing, feeling and connecting in sessions. It is your decision to determine how long you wish to engage in the treatment process.

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