Holly Kretschmer, Registered Psychotherapist

Like depression, anxiety is a common reason clients enter therapy.  In Emotion Focused therapy, clients learn to go into their feelings of anxiety (when in their private space or in therapy) and consciously experience them and explore them at a deeper level in order to get to the root of feelings instead of push them away.   It is difficult to do what we need for ourselves when we aren’t aware of what we are feeling and why we are feeling it.  Holding onto feelings can result in heightening anxiety and/or depression which often can leave one feeling exhausted among many other body symptoms.

The first step is to name what you are feeling, and then as you can, stay with your feelings to process/experience them.  Doing this is most likely NOT what you were taught growing up however, in my professional and personal experience, it is what is needed in order to experience true healing and lasting change. 

If the feeling(s) you are experiencing are feelings that you have felt a lot in your life, it will take time to process them, especially feelings from earlier in life.  Emotion Focused Therapy is not a quick fix, it is a long term fix.  I recommend that you complete a timeline of your life (see website to download timeline).  It is important for our well-being to feel all of our feelings today so we are not accumulating more emotional pain, and take back feelings as they emerge.  Getting support from an Emotion Focused therapist can help to stay with and process difficult feelings as well as receive validation for them.


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