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What is the Meaning of Life

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Man sitting on benchI hear this phrase used by people who are wondering what the meaning of life is. They seem confused. It is my experience that when we know who we are and what we feel and need, we are not confused by the meaning of life. As children and babies, when our emotional and physical needs are met we feel carefree in life. When we have unmet need, we hurt inside and our body remembers…whether it is words, feelings or sensations. Our bodies are amazing in that it really wants to heal when we allow ourselves to acknowledge and have the opportunity to process our feelings and experiences. domain renewal We are then more alive and are not confused about the meaning of life. We are living it.

Why Therapy? Why Now?

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home-slide-1When we hold our feelings, we create tension in our body.  Eventually the accumulation of held feelings causes our body to be unwell in one way or another.  Unconsciously, we develop coping mechanisms to deal with our held emotional pain such as unhealthy eating, drugs, and over consumption of alcohol.  Some of these mechanisms we actually choose while others occur automatically.  Hidden fears can show up as anxiety and unexpressed feelings can turn to depression.  Our body gives us the information we need, we just need to listen to the signals… it is vital to our emotional health.  Therapy can support you to process held feelings and increase emotional health and physical wellness.  When we repress or hold feelings they accumulate and eventually become too much to handle. With support you can learn to process your feelings step by step.  You can begin with what is troubling you today and then delve into the past as needed to resolve unfinished feelings that are running an unconscious loop and waiting for lasting resolution.