Holly Kretschmer, Registered Psychotherapist

Are you being real and true to yourself?  Are you expressing to others what you feel inside?

If the answWoman looking uper is no, the first step is to notice what you are feeling and what you are saying to others.  The second step is to open to your feelings and name them and take ownership that these are your feelings.  Example:  I feel afraid.  The third step is to stay with your feelings and notice where you are feeling them in your body.  Example:  Heaviness in the chest or stiff shoulders as if there is a weight on them.  The fourth and last step is to express and explore these feelings deeper.  Example:  Ask yourself why am I afraid to express what I really feel to others?  Express these feelings perhaps by writing them in a journal or have a conversation out loud in your own private space.  Doing this will help to be more real and true to yourself.  There is a cost to the ‘self’ when we are not congruent with our feelings.

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