Holly Kretschmer, Registered Psychotherapist

Depression occurs over time as feelings are repressed.  Feelings are buried alive… meaning that at a cellular level, our body reme72537_10151348045443604_2115892461_n (1)mbers all of our experiences and that is why we are driven unconsciously by our feelings when we do not want to be.  As Dr. Arthur Janov explains in a paper on the nature of depression that depression is another form of repression, it is not a separate disease (Live Real, 2015). Therefore it is best to treat the repression and that is why I have my clients fill out a timeline.

It has been my experience with clients over the last decade as well as my own therapy that once we can bring into consciousness, unconscious repressed pain, healing begins.  This is not a quick fix, it takes time for the client to open to and heal pain at higher levels from today and then go back as they connect to earlier pain experiences.  Perhaps it is helpful to think of depression as a blanket that is covering our primary feelings such as worthlessness, helplessness and feeling unlovable.  Our body gives us opportunity through our over and under reactions to access our unresolved, repressed pain.  As we become aware of our pain and what it means, with support and safety we can begin to feel and heal and experience more clarity and peace within.

The statistics, according to Health Canada for clinical and major depression is almost one in 8 adults (PHAC, 2015).




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