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Our defenses are an indication of emotional pain that lies beneath.  It is a cue that there is something for us to feel and heal.  Our defenses saved us as children growing up however they work against us as adults.  Respecting our defenses and in our own time feel our pain that has been buried deep within, will allow us to heal so that we are no longer driven by this pain. Feeling through our feelings allows us to live more freely as adults in the present.Footprints in the sand

2 Responses to “Respecting Our Defenses”

  1. Cristina says:

    Thanks for sharing this reminder. I find that I tend to overreact when disagreeing with my husband sometimes. I can actually feel the anger bubbling up in me. And I am still aware enough to know that the anger I feel isn’t rational for what’s happening in the moment. Since counseling I can now get a grip in the moment and go somewhere safe to feel what needs to be felt. I know when I am triggered and have the tools to guide myself through what’s happening.

    • Hi Cristina – thanks for sharing your experience. I hear being aware of your reaction and trigger is helping you to get to the root of your feelings and process them. It takes courage to own and take responsibility for your feelings and reactions. 🙂 All the best.

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