Holly Kretschmer, Registered Psychotherapist

Are you wondering how your autobiography or timeline can help you in therapy?
Completing as much as you can of your autobiography or timeline can help you to reflect on life experiences that you’ve had and identify what you were feeling that did not get processed at the time. You may say to yourself, I don’t remember my childhood. Often as we open to ourselves and give ourselves permission, we begin to feel and remember. Another way of remembering is to look at photos of yourself and family members, talk to family members and/or lie down in a dark room and stay as open to your ‘self’ as you can and trust gut feelings that emerge. To access a timeline form on my website just click on the Resources tab and then the Downloads tab.

Identifying feelings helps to stay with and feel them through. Experiencing your feelings may take more than one time. It depends on the strength and length you experienced the feeling. Example: if in your timeline you identify that you have experienced at various ages – sadness – then there is sadness to feel until the intensity comes off of that feeling.

If you feel stuck in a feeling or feelings it is best to get support from an Emotion/Feeling Focused Therapist.Footprints in the sand

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